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Evan Johnson-Ransom is a PhD student at the University of Chicago's Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy. His research focuses on the feeding behavior and ecology of meat-eating dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex. Evan is the author of Dinosaur World, a book that provides information on over 1200 dinosaurs.

Did you know some dinosaurs had feathers? Or that others had full body armor? From humongous herbivores to fearsome carnivores, this book covers everything you’ll ever need to know about dinosaurs. Examine surprising fossil evidence found around the world and discover each species’ adaptations and specializations. You’ll learn all about their attack and defense tools, including retractable claws, serrated teeth, clubbed tails, large horns, sharp spines, and more. Go beyond fan-favorites like the T-rex and the Triceratops and venture into the latest discoveries from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Inside you’ll find:

  • Profiles on hundreds of dinosaur species covering anatomy, diet, habitat, cool features, and unique characteristics

  • A stunning gatefold and a large poster

  • Features on well-known paleontologists and their awesome finds

  • Other key finds and specimens in museums around the world

This visual guide presents the most astounding species, including powerful predators with terrifying jaws and dinos that were only the size of chickens. From killer claws to camouflage, track these fascinating prehistoric species’ evolution through the dinosaur era with the greatest dinosaur book ever.

Julius Csotonyi is one of the world's most high profile and talented contemporary scientific illustrators. Csotonyi has considerable academic expertise that contributes to his stunning dynamic art. He has created life-sized dinosaur murals for the Royal Ontario Museum and for the Dinosaur Hall at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and most of the artwork for the new Hall of Paleontology at the HMNS. He has illustrated the nonfiction children's book Prehistoric Predators, Dino World, Bug World, Shark World, Discovering Tigers, Discovering Reptiles, Discovering Bugs, Discovering Whales, and The T. Rex Handbook. He currently lives in Canada.



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